Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning

• Purpose: maintain the atmosphere of an enclosed space at a required temp, humidity and purity

• Refrigeration system is at heart of AC system

• Heaters in ventilation system

• Types Used:

• Self-contained

• Refrigerant circulating

• Chill water circulating

AC System Types

• Self-Contained System

– Add-on to ships that originally did not have AC plants

– Not located in ventilation system (window unit)

• Refrigerant circulating system

– Hot air passed over refrigerant cooling coils directly

• Chilled water circulating system

– Refrigerant cools chill water

– Hot air passes over chill water cooling coils

Basic AC System


Safety Precautions

• Phosgene gas hazard

– Lethal

– Created when refrigerant is exposed to high temperatures

• Handling procedures

– Wear goggles and gloves to avoid eye irritation and frostbite

• Asphyxiation hazard in non-ventilated spaces (bilges since heavier than air)

Handling of compressed gas bottles


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